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Description of the Business

Impellam Group plc ("Impellam") was incorporated on 21 February 2008 and was formed specifically for the purposes of acquiring both The Corporate Services Group plc ("Corporate Services Group") and Carlisle Group Limited ("Carlisle").

Impellam Group plc, traded on the AIM (Symbol: IPEL) is a leading provider of managed services and specialist staffing expertise and is primarily based in the UK and North America, with smaller operations in Australasia, Ireland and mainland Europe. Impellam Group plc provides fulfilling jobs to doctors, lawyers, accountants, nurses, teachers, scientists, receptionists, drivers, chefs, administrators, engineers, technology specialists, cleaners, security guards, and manufacturing and warehouse operatives through our specialist brands across a broad range of sectors. Impellam Group plc manage them as teams or individually and help clients build better businesses in a changing world. Impellam Group plc is the 2nd largest recruitment business in the UK and the 6th largest (as measured by spend under management) MSP provider worldwide, employing over 3,100 Impellam people across over 220 worldwide locations.

Directors’ Names and Biographies

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Board of Directors

Directors' Committees

Audit committee

The Board has an Audit Committee whose responsibilities include oversight of the Group’s internal risk and controls strategy, including establishing whistleblowing arrangements; reviewing Interim and Annual Reports and financial statements prior to their submission to the full Board and reviewing reports from external auditors. On behalf of the Board, they also examine and review internal financial controls; financial and accounting policies and practices; and the form and content of financial reports and statements, plus the financial judgements therein. The Committee ensures that arrangements are in place for employees of the Group to raise concerns about any possible improprieties, either confidentially or publicly and that procedures are in place for the proportionate and independent investigation of any such matters, and appropriate follow-up action. The Committee also reviews the independence, objectivity, performance, behaviour and effectiveness of the external auditors with whom it meets at least twice a year, and the nature of any non-audit services provided by them. The Audit Committee is required to report its findings  to the Board. This means identifying any matters on which it considers action or improvement is needed. The Committee operates under written terms of reference and meets at least twice each year. During the period ended 1 January 2016 they met on three occasions.

The Audit Committee comprises two Non-executive Directors: Mike Ettling (Chair), and Michael Laurie.

Remuneration committee

The Board has a Remuneration Committee that is responsible for making recommendations to the Board on Directors’ remuneration. It also reviews recommendations from the Chief Executive Officer on other senior executives’ remuneration, including performance-related remuneration. The Committee operates under written terms of reference and during the period ended 1 January 2016, it met on two occasions.

The Remuneration Committee comprises two Non-executive Directors: Angela Entwistle (Chair) and Shane Stone.

Country of Incorporation and Main Country of Operation

Impellam Group plc is incorporated in the UK with registered number: 6511961; the primary operations of the company are also located in the United Kingdom. The shares of Impellam Group plc are traded on the AIM market operated by the London Stock Exchange.

Details of any Other Exchanges or Trading Platforms

The Company does not have any of its securities admitted to trading on any other trading platforms or exchanges.

Number of Securities in Issue

As at 1 January 2016, the Company has 49,623,027 Ordinary Shares of 1 penny each in issue. The Company does not hold any shares in treasury. The percentage of securities not in public hands is: 56.80%.

Below are details of our significant shareholders along with the percentage of the issued share capital

Significant Shareholders’ Information

Shareholder Name % Holding
Lombard Trust

as at 23 Mar 2015

Hof Hoorneman Bankiers NV 8.87
as at 23 Mar 2015
Schroder Investment Management Limited

as at 23 Mar 2015

Hendrik M. Van Heijst 4.76
as at 23 Mar 2015
Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers

as at 23 Mar 2015

Director Shareholdings

Director Name Holding
Lord Ashcroft (non-Executive Chairman)

as at 23 Mar 2017

Derek O’Neill (non-Executive Director) & Mrs Karen O'Neill
as at 28 Mar 2017
Julia Robertson (Chief Executive Officer) 

as at 23 Mar 2017

Mike Ettling (non-Executive Director)

as at 23 Mar 2017

Alison Wilford (Chief Financial Officer)

as at 23 Mar 2017

Details of Any Restrictions on the Transfer of Securities


Financial Information

The Company's annual and interim reports will be available on this site once they are released.

Company Announcements

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Regulatory News

Admission Document, Constitutional Documents and Circulars

Admission Document

Articles of Association


Nominated Adviser
Name and Contact details

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