Our strategy


Virtuosity makes the difference and will drive market beating value creation.


We retain our customers, people and investors longer than our competitors because they trust us to do what we say we are going to do. We collaborate across our multi-branded portfolio with a common language and a set of signature practices (‘The Impellam Way’) to deliver differentiated, integrated solutions to our customers and fulfilment to our people.



We strive to work with customers who value engaged, fulfilled and purposeful people, and who will allow us to take our share of the economic value we create as we help them build a better business.


We are a staffing solutions company with the sole focus of offering high-value, differentiated Managed Services and Specialist Staffing solutions. We always draw on our core competency and never take on work we do not understand.


We have multi-branded, multi-service offerings in the US, UK, Europe, Middle East and Australasia. In support of our mission, we may choose, very selectively, to invest in and operate with specific clients in other countries, and to find exciting opportunities for our people globally.


We have a unique, differentiated model which integrates Managed Services and Specialist Staffing into a full workforce solutions management platform for our customers’ permanent, contingent and Statement of Work (SOW1) spend. We do important work and we get work done.

Statement of Work (SOW) solutions are spend in complex categories of service





Enable our Virtuosos

Virtuosos doing what people do best enabled by reliable technology. We will get out of the way of our Virtuosos and make sure they are leading more of the Group, future proofing the portfolio and delivering new, incremental revenue stream.


Transform our portfolio

We’ll accelerate our Managed Services growth by selectively integrating our Managed Services brands across our major geographies to make it easier for our high-road customers to access our talented and engaged people.
We’ll refine our Specialist Staffing portfolio and will build scale in growing global verticals whilst responding to macro trends and developing new business lines in new verticals opened by the gig economy.


Improve resilience

We’ll improve our resilience by investing in technology to drive efficiencies and productivity. We’ll enter new growth markets and economies organically to defend our key high-road client relationships.

Our business model


By collaborating closely, our Managed Services and Specialist Staffing businesses provide market-leading positions across our core markets.

This means that, within the Group, we are always equipped to deliver the right service at the right time to the customers we choose to work with.


Managed services

  • Long-term contracts.

  • High visibility of future earnings.

  • Manage the end-to-end staffing process for a wide range of high-road customers.

  • Meeting high-volume need.

  • Effective process management and innovation.

  • Public, private and not-forprofit sectors.

Specialist staffing

  • Higher gross profit, more cyclical business.

  • Provides specialist workers for permanent, temporary, contract and fixed price work.

  • Specialist recruiters delivering bespoke recruitment services to high-road customers.

  • Specialisms: healthcare, social care, legal, engineering, catering, driving, office, industrial, science, clinical, education, finance and accountancy, sales, IT, aviation and cleaning.

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Tuning in to customers

Tuning in is much more than listening. Impellam people see the world as our customers see it, and work with them to make their businesses better.

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Make, keep and deliver promises

All Impellam people make, keep and deliver their promises, every day.

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Producing stars

We perfect the art of delivering fulfillment to candidates by putting them at the heart of everything we do, and taking the time to truly understand them.

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High-integrity leadership

We have passionate, Virtuoso leaders who thrive in a fast moving, performance-based culture and who can transform deep-rooted outdated practices.


At the heart of our high-retention model is a virtuous circle of making and keeping promises, engendering trust and loyalty.

High-retention businesses will retain clients, candidates, employees and investors for longer, and reap the benefits of that longevity.

All Impellam businesses, as well as any business we acquire, believe in high-retention already and, with our help, are on course to become so.



We tune in to our customers and work closely with them to find engaged people to help them build better businesses. We retain them, continuing to listen and partner with them to extend the scope and tenure of our services, and in so doing open up more opportunities for organic growth.


From the outset, we listen to our candidates and find them work that fulfills them and matches their attitudes, skills and aspirations. We reward our candidates fairly, retain them by treating them well, and find them work that interests and develops them. In turn, this encourages them to refer us to friends and indeed employers.


We employ people who care about what we do. We develop them so they have the right skills and experience to do their job by being experts in their field. Ultimately, we trust them to make the right decisions, collaborate and deliver on their promises.


We take great care to create strong relationships with investors who understand our strategy and business model. We build on the trust we have created by delivering on both our financial and nonfinancial promises.




Our investment proposition: trusted through changing times

The changing world of work provides significant opportunity

The world of work is changing rapidly: the demographics of the workforce are shifting, and new generations are demanding work with more purpose and meaning; clients and candidates are seeking to work ever more flexibly, and the increasingly rapid adoption of technology is challenging our view of the workplace.

Our vision, mission and culture of virtuosity aligned with our unique business model mean Impellam is ideally placed to deliver

We operate a differentiated and sustainable high-road business model that builds customer loyalty, trust and advocacy.

Our deep heritage in contingent staffing provides a clear competitive advantage as clients increasingly seek more flexible ways to work.

Our Managed Services businesses deliver long-term contracted revenues which provide earnings visibility and sustainable value. This is complemented by our portfolio of higher margin, expert-to-expert Specialist Staffing brands.

We create incremental value for our stakeholders through our integrated collaborative, cross-selling culture across the portfolio.

We provide our Virtuoso leaders with the autonomy to deliver these

solutions to our clients and entrepreneurially identify new opportunities. We continue to empower and enable our Virtuosos with technology to free them up to build more meaningful relationships with our clients and candidates.

Leverage our core markets and remain agile to new opportunities

We have market-leading positions and capabilities in many of our markets which provide a significant competitive advantage. We leverage these capabilities to expand into new markets and develop new revenue streams.

We focus on identifying and executing strategic partnerships and investment opportunities to support the innovation ambitions of our high-road clients and expanding the geographic footprint of the business organically to provide further resilience across the portfolio.

Long term sustainable financial performance and shareholder returns

Our balanced portfolio of businesses, organised according to the role they play, Enhancers, Optimisers and Innovaters and our high-retention business model delivers sustainable financial performance throughout the economic cycle.

Our strong focus on cash generation enables us to reinvest in the portfolio and continue to deliver dependable dividends to shareholders.